Kwezi and Dharma Exporters Is leading manufacturer & Exporter of “ Cumin Seeds”.Cumin,also known as jeera/zeera.Cumin seed is used as a spice for its distinctive flavour and aroma. It is globally popular and essential flavorings in many cuisines, Its seeds are used in the cuisines of many different cultures, in both whole and ground form. It is very pungent and aromatic, and is used whole and/or ground

Jeera Cultivation :

Jeera cultivation In India, cumin seed is a Rabi crop sown in October – November and harvested in February. Cumin is grown from seed. A hot climate is preferred, but it can be grown in cooler regions if started under glass in spring. A sandy soil is best; when the seedlings have hardened, transplant carefully to a sunny aspect, planting out 15cm (6 in) apart. Cut the plants when the seeds turn to brown, thresh and dry like the other .


Storage of cumin is very crucial as its quality preservation is important. Before packing the cumin in the jute bags it is cleaned by machines in order to remove the stalks, other foreign material, stones, dust etc. During storage Cumin absorbs moisture immediately; therefore it is advisable to store it in one layer plastic coated bags.


Cumin is packed in gunny bags and each bag contains 50 kg weight of cumin seed. Generally cumin is harvested manually, and that is why before packaging it is required to be cleaned properly and cut by machine Cumin is also packed sometimes in cloth, paper or polythene bags depending on the requirements of the buyer.

Health Benefits :

we added this spice to our dish, not only for its wonderful flavor and aroma, but also for the number of health benefits it has.