Cattle Feeds

We present a comprehensive range of dairy Cattle Feed, which are completely devoid of contaminants. Our animal cattle feed products undergo strict quality stringent checks so as to ensure the genuineness of our products. Our products are mainly meant for high bearing milk animals as it is highly safe for consumption and further helps in retaining good health of the animals. Due to the superior quality of products, we are considered as one of the advanced cattle feed exporters from South Africa.

Compound Cattle Feed

We are offering compound cattle feed in 8mm pellet form and prepared specially for high yield milking animals (more than 10 liters milk/day) like Cow and buffalo.


Under strict quality control of mixing high portentous Soybean doc, mixture of Cotton seed, & Rapeseeds doc, plus grains, maize & molasses for minerals and vitamins which can achieve following specification.

Specification :
Grade : Crude Protein: 20 % Min
Season : Fats:2.5 % Min
ICUMSA : Fibers:12 % Max
Polarisation : Total digestive nutrition: 60-65 %
Moisture : Moisture: 11 %

It is observed that if animal is able to produce 40 liters milk than 20 kg of this compound feed is enough and only 1.5 kg would be required another feed as body maintainer.

As per the fact that Compound Cattle Feed is far better compare to any DOC not only for milk production but it also ensure good health of the animal.

In any DOC except Soybean DOC protein and fiber percentages are very low and fat is very high which is not desirable.