5075E 4WD Tractor

• 4 Wheel Drive
• Smart Brakes
• 9F/3R or 12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission
• HVAC Cab or Open Operator’s station

Product Description

Straddle-mount design – A spacious open-station platform for comfort and convenience

5E Tractor straddle-mount operator station

The 5E Series Tractor straddle-mount operator station is designed to position the operator farther forward and slightly lower than most other tractors in this class. This design improves the operator’s ride and visibility.

Platform-mounted shift levers and suspended clutch and brake pedals contribute to a clean platform design. Suspended pedals also make it easier for the operator to get on and off the tractor, and make clutch operation easier on the operator when the tractor is used in applications requiring the pedals to be used frequently, such as loader work.

Deluxe seat with armrest

Deluxe seat with armrest

A deluxe seat with armrest is available to provide a comfortable ride. The seat is suspended by two springs with a hydraulic dampener. A mid-ride indicator allows the operator to optimize seat comfort.

The operator can adjust the seat up and down along an inclined rail by using a lever located to the right and under the seat. The suspension adjusts to the operator’s weight.

Toolbox and water bottle holder

Toolbox Water bottle holderAll 5E Tractors come standard with storage locations for tools, parts, and operator’s manuals. The toolbox is conveniently located on the left fender for easy access to tools and spare parts that may be needed in the field. It is made from a weather-resistant, durable plastic material.

A water bottle holder is placed right below the gear shift lever on the right-hand side of the operator.

Steps and handrails

Steps HandrailEnter and exit the operator’s station with ease. To enhance access to the operator’s station, left-side steps are standard equipment on all 5E Series Open Operator Station (OOS) Tractors.

Handrails provided on either side (with heat shield and on fenders) allow 3-point comfortable contact for the operator for easy enter and exit.