A4 Paper 01

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Product Description

Now standard about A4 paper is 210mm * 297mm
Mainly used for: print, copy
We can wholesale A4 paper and custom your logo the box.

Computer printing paper is mainly used for banks, supermarkets, post offices and other report data documents, certificates and other spending. Our computer printing paper is the use of 100% wood pulp paper. Can provide single, two, three, four, five, six according to customer requirements, all white or colored paper.

1.Paper rigid moderate stiffness, high tensile strength, high-speed printing is not easy to crack.
2 pitch accurate, stacked with neat, take the paper and smooth; pressure line balancing, so go oblique curl.
3 high-speed dot matrix printer for continuous billing / data massive output.
4 color clear uniform, save for long.

5 conventional size 241mmx279mm, 381mmx279mm, 120mmx279mm and so on.