Rice Combine Harvester 4LZ-3.0

Why choose us?
1. 0.5CBM grain tank with manually grain unloading
2. 450/500mm width rubber track, more suitable for water and muddy fields
3. 40 feet container loads three sets
4. 20 feet container loads one set

Product Description

4LZ series cramler type full feeding longitudinal axial flow combine harvester mail technical parameters
Objest Data
Models 4LZ-5.0Z 4LZ-3.0Z
Matching enging Engine SDQZ A4K1ZT100/24 Feb-02
Nominal power 75KW 73.5KW 60KW
Rated speed 2400r/min 2600r/min
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 5320mm*2530mm*2820mm 4800mm*2360mm*2480mm
The weight 3000kg 2700kg
Object Pitch 90mm
Section number 51 48
Width 400/450mm 400/450mm
Mass of feeding crops 18t/h 10.8t/h
Gauge 1150mm
Least heigh from ground 250mm
Productivity every hour 0.24-0.45hm2/h
Fuel consumpion per unit area ≤38kg/hm2
Cut the width of the machine 2000(2200)mm
Cutter type Standard modl 2
Cut a beat the dragon patten Telescopic transverse conveying augar
Wheel diameter is desighed Φ900mm
Shelling drum size(Diameter*lengthy) Φ620mm*2000mm Φ620mm*1800mm
Model of concave sieve Grid-type
Fan diameter Φ390mm
Model of gear box Mechanical+hydraulic stepless transmission(HST)
Model of brake Friction plate
Manner of receiving crops Automatic and manpower unloading