Rice Harvester 4LZ -5.2

Why choose us?

1. Two-way friction of large torque clutch.
2. Pick spike roller adopts screw roller of picking the ear, elastic and mandatory.
3. Adopted quality steel and H frame chassis.

Product Description


Object Unit Technical Parameters
Models / 4LZ-4.2Z-A 4LZ-4.2Z 4LZ-5.2Z
Type / Cramler type full feeding longitudinal
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) mm 5600mm*2400mm*2950mm 5600mm*2600mm*2950mm
The weight kg 3180kg 3200kg
Matchingenging Nominal power kw 72 74.5
  Rated speed r/min 2400
Traveling system Object Gauge mm 1350 1150
    Models(pitch*section number*w) / 90mm*51 *450mm 400mm 500mm
  Gear box Models / Mechanical+hydraulic stepless transmission(HST)
    Productivity every hour Km/h 1.5-6.3 1.5-6.9
  Least heigh from ground mm 220 325
  Fuel consumpion per unit area Kg/hm2 21-36
Reaper Cut the width of the machine mm 2000 2200
  Mass of feeding crops T/h 15.12 18.72
  Wheel diameter is desighed mm Φ900
  Wheel diameter plate number unit 5
Thresher Shelling drum size(Diameter*lengthy) mm Φ630*2000
  Model of concave sieve / Grid-type
  Fan diameter mm Φ396mm
  Threshing cylinder type   Axial flow, spike tooth(two threshers)
Grain unloading method   Automatic discharging
Wet field passing   15cm
Total loss (%)   Rice≤3.0,Wheat≤1.2
Breakage rate (%)   Rice≤1.5,Wheat≤1
Impurity rate (%)   Rice≤2.0,Wheat≤2.0