RUF Briquettes Production


Briquettes Production Process

The Kwezi and Dharma Exporters sawdust briquettes are produced from the remains in sawmills. The sawdust is combined from all type of timber: ash, fir, oak, spruce, aspen, birch and other, which grow in South Africa. The sawdust comes from well maintained sources. The briquettes are pressed in a number of production lines, located next to sawmilling facilities. As the sawdust has low weight/volume ratio, it is economically unreasonable to transport it for longer than 30 km distances for final production, due to fuel expenses.

The sawdust first is supplied to the drying-drum and heated until proper level (~5%) of dryness. The drying-drum is powered by the larger fractions of sawmill-waste. After temperature treatment, the sawdust is transported into the press. The press model is RUF (under the name of initial Manufacturer). The nice rectangular briquette shape is achieved by using new and sharp press forms. The briquettes have dimensions of 15x9x6 cm. Annual production capacity is 12000 tons.

RUF Briquetter original designer

10 kg Bag Briquette Packing

After pressing, the briquettes are hand-packed into bags, sealed, and stacked onto the palette.

The briquettes are packed into most popular packing – 10 kg bag, containing 12 pieces of briquettes. One full palette is 96 bags and weights 960 kg.

The bags are transparent, made from durable polypropylene, well heat-welded.

The palette for the briquette is Europal-sized: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1300 mm.

Client’s Label (flyer /etiquette /inlay), typical A5 paper size, multicolor, can be put into the bag. The minimum order is for one truckload – 2400 Labels.

The labels can be printed for you in local printing works, as working with big volumes of etiquettes for many Clients, enables for significantly lower prices and speedy service. The approximated prices for briquettes with your Label (flyer /etiquette /inlay) of A5 paper size, 4 color, and 80 gram paper:

Labels volume for: Price for Labels Extra price per ton
½ truckload: 110 Euro 9,1 Euro/ton
1 truckload: 125 Euro 5,2 Euro/ton
2 truckloads: 155 Euro 3,2 Euro/ton
4 truckloads: 150 Euro 1,5 Euro/ton
6 truckloads: 160 Euro 1,1 Euro/ton
More truckloads: Individual offer

For other Labeling – different paper size or stickers – individual price can be offered.

One full truckload of briquettes is 25 Palettes, totally 24 tons. The palette is being side-strapped for improved security during transportation and has the cover to protect from excessive rain.

RUF Briquettes Quality management

The sawdust briquettes are produced to ensure the conformity of DIN51731 requirements. The presses are regularly renewed to make the correct RUF shape and proper density.

The humidity of sawdust has major impact on the solidity of briquette. Therefore, if sawdust is too dry, the briquette will eventually lose its shape and give more dust. The burning value is the same, regardless of dust. With too much of moisture, the briquette would lose its form.

The color of the briquette is directly related to the sawdust, which are used. Typically the hardwood (oak, ash, birch) sawdust make briquette darker, whereas light color briquettes are usually the result of coniferous tree sawdust. However, the color does not indicate any significant variation of quality which is always DIN 51731.

Technical specification for RUF Briquettes

Technical specification for RUF Briquettes

criteria test norm
Calorific value ~18,5 MJ/kg 17,5 – 19,5 MJ/kg
Ash content 0,5 – 0,6 % (at 550 ⁰C) ≤ 1,5 %
Humidity 6,3 % ≤ 12 %
Sulfur 0,05 % < 0,08 %
Chlorine 0,007 % < 0,03 %