Wood Pellets Production


Premium Quality Wood Pellets Production Process

Remaining bark cannot be even burned in drying drum heater because smoke can contain ash and have impact on wood pellet quality. The logs are made into sawdust locally with on-the-site machinery, guaranteeing perfect quality and pureness of the sawdust (no debris, no sand etc. remains). Main timber species: spruce, fir and aspen. .

After being dried in the drying drum, the sawdust is transported in to the pellet granulation unit. During the drying of sawdust, various temperatures are maintained, causing direct impact on Color of wood pellets. In summer season, when less heat in drying is required, the sawdust has lighter color, after being dried. In winter, the opposite is truth. The COLOR of the sawdust has no impact on the quality of Pellets. The wood pellets are made of pure sawdust and have no additives whatsoever. One can convince himself by taking a breath of pellets – clean and pure pellets have a pleasant refreshing wood odor. If other smells are present, it is the sign of potential additives in pellets. It is not uncommon for some producers to add Other materials to make the pellets whiter color.

The wood pellets are made in 6mm diameter. Other physical and quality features are constituted by the DIN Plus standard and Certification program.

The picture depicts the samples, taken throughout the year: mid-summer to mid-winter and the color tone shift accordingly.

The 8mm clients are co-supplied from our partners (no DIN Plus certification). Also the Industrial grade DIN51731 norm wood pellets are available in limited quantities. Annual production capacity is 10000 tons.

Packing of wood pellets in 15 kg bags

For packing the wood pellets into small 15 kg bags an automatic Packaging line is used. Special robot stacks the bags perfectly and then wraps it with stretch film. The calibration allows any size from 960 kg up to 1200 kg/palette.

The 960 kg (64 bags) palettes are the most popular, because 25 palettes x 960 kg = 24 tones (official truck weight limit).

The 1050 kg (70 bags) palettes are appreciated by those customers, who save the warehouse floor space.

40’ Sea containers (typically for island-located clients) are loaded with 22 x 1200 kg = 26.4 tones.

The dimensions of palette are 1000 mm x 1160 mm x 1500 mm.

The packing of the wood pellets into the big bags is performed directly from the cooling unit. The bags are filled to weight 1000 kg. Each big bag has two holes: one on top for filling and one on the bottom to empty. The big bags have handles to be easily attached on the forks of the regular lifter (or Manitou lifter).