5055E Tractor (55 Engine hp)

5055E Tractor (55 engine hp*)

• Engine: 50 HP, 2400 RPM, 3 Cylinders, Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir, Turbo charged
• Air Filter: Dry type, Dual element
• Transmission: 9 Forward + 3 Reverse speed, Collarshift Gearbox
• Hydraulics: Lifting Capacity 1800 kgf at lower link ends


Product Description

A durable mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) axle increases traction in tough conditions

Heavy-duty MFWD front axle with limited slip Heavy-duty MFWD front axle with limited slip
MFWD 55-degree turn angle MFWD 55-degree turn angle

A limited-slip, heavy-duty MFWD front axle provides operators with increased drawbar pull and improved traction when operating under slippery conditions. This ensures the operator gets the required torque to the ground for applications that demand more from the tractor. The MFWD front axle also reduces wheel slippage with less tractor ballasting for reduced soil compaction, increased fuel economy, and longer tire life.

The MFWD centerline design provides excellent maneuverability around the worksite and more crop clearance so operators are not driving down their crops or profits. Additional versatility is proven when wheel treads are adjusted with 6 degrees of caster angle and a 55-degree turn angle, which results in a turning radius as short as 3 m (9.9 ft) when the brakes are applied, allowing plenty of horsepower to turn around in tight places. Ten degrees of axle oscillation follows uneven terrain, allowing for consistent performance and a comfortable ride.

Axle oscillation also reduces the stress and maintenance cost on the axle spindles because loads are consistently spread across the entire axle. The centerline design eliminates the need for drive shaft universal joints that require regular maintenance. Anti-wrap shielding on the driveline is standard to prevent crop material and debris from building around the driveline and ensures tractor performance. Three grease points are conveniently located to minimize maintenance time while maximizing front axle performance.

NOTE: The MFWD engagement lever is located on the left-hand side of the operator. For the operator’s convenience, when MFWD is engaged, an indicator light appears on the dash.